About Us


To impart quality education for building a strong foundation of the nation by preparing the women for a world of quest, ambition and excellence.


L.G.B Girls' College aims to inculcate a unique value based and learner – centric approach in all its plans and programmes. By evolving its own quality assurance and sustenance mechanism the college would strive to achieve academic excellence – while drawing its resources from both the indigenous knowledge base and the ICT based global knowledge expansion process. It would also align its paradigms towards sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution and vertical mobility of the learners belonging mostly to socio – economically disadvantaged section of the society in order to foster national development and regional harmony.



The following mission statements aim at translating the visions of L.G.B Girls' College into action plans:

  • i.   To create a healthy academic environment for promotion of quality education.
  • ii.  To develop a pool of highly educated women who are not only competent in facing the present but also in shaping the future.
  • iii. To set an ideal standard for achieving excellence in the fields of teaching and research.
  • iv. To build competitive infrastructure to attract students, teachers and researchers seeking to translate dreams into reality.
  • v.  To promote innovations in planning, teaching and evaluation to achieve higher scales of perfection.
  • vi. To make higher education a part of the social environment through community participation and sustainable development.


Mission Statement :

Some of the functions of the IQAC are:

  • 1. Yearning for exploring and extracting the gems from the vast ocean of knowledge.
  • 2. Keenness and openness for probing the new and the unknown.
  • 3. Vision of liberal humanitarian, scientific and truly democratic values.
  • 4. Ability to handle the stresses of life.
  • 5. Zeal towards accumulating the dividends of ICT.
  • 6. Healthy competitive spirit for shaping professional careers and carving out road maps for both employment and self employment.
  • 7. Earnestness to tap the benefits of own socio – cultural heritage.


Objectives :
  • 1.  To enlighten the women students through higher education - Vidya Jyotirmaya.
  • 2.  To emancipate the women through higher education - Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye.
  • 3.  To make life beautiful – Sundarar Aaradhana Jibonor Khel.
  • 4.  To enlighten the self for enlightening the world – Atmo DipoBhava.
  • 5.  To promote Unity and Integrity.
  • 6.  To pursue academic excellence.
  • 7.  To create self-reliance among girl students.
  • 8.  To cater to larger group of students by offering various courses through conventional and distance modes.
  • 9.  To strive for skillful assimilation of traditional and modern knowledge and technology for fruitful realization of cultural promotion.
  • 10. To pursue sustainable development and realize conservation of environment.
  • 11. To promote communication and soft skills.
  • 12. To cope with the challenges of time.