Once a disciple asked Swami Bibekananda," what sort of education, do you think, is suited to our women?" Swamiji replied: 'Religion, Arts, Science, housekeeping, Cooking, Sewing, Hygiene-the simple essential points in these subjects ought to be taught to our women……absolutely nothing can be done to improve the state of things, unless there is spread of education first among the women……."


Dear students,
                This beautiful and profound statement encapsulates the value of education among women. There is no alternative to education, with some exception of people attaining greatness without formal education. Education is the means to realize our dreams. In todays world education does not mean transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught. It unless pursuit of excellence in all its dimensions. Our college is trying its best to provide the best possible infrastructure for the pursuit og that excellence. Art,Literature, Sports,Computer knowledge, Character building and personality development Music,Culture,social work and imbibing leadership qualities; the college is leaving no stone unturned to meet the challenges of the modern world.


                All activities of the Ccollege academic and non-academic have been crafted with care and devotion to mould the students as an artist bestows to a painting or a Musician to a lyric.


                We invite you to be part of this enriching/redeeming experience.


                Welcome to L.G.B.Girls’ College to mould your life like a beautiful piece of art and thereby make you,your parents, your friends, Your family and your society proud.


                I wish you the best of everything that life has to offer.


Dr. Tapan Kr. Kalita (M.A. Phd (NET)
L.G.B.Girls' College
Mission Chariali, Tezpur